London to Monaco–The Caffeinated and the Curated

France is amazing at:




Women who wear scarves


Cycling scenery (among many other things).

David Churchill
Sure, other countries have amazing cycling. But, when it comes to riding the 1,000 miles (that’s 1,600 kilometers) from the mean streets of Central London to the enclave of uber exclusivity that is Monaco (in 10 days) to help the Blue Marine Foundation raise money that goes directly to protecting some of the worlds most fragile ecosystems, it’s simply impossible to compete with France and the phenomenon that is the London to Monaco ride. In fact, if you are enjoying following along and you like the Oceans, please give a little money by clicking here. It’s wicked easy.

OK. Back to the beauty.

And when you add possibly the most absurdly fantastical idea of having one of the best coffee baristas on the planet from Climpson and Son’s coffee, making and serving the best coffee on the planet (made with an iconic Italian expresso machine powered by a 4-stroke generator) st up that the most amazing cI ffee stops on the planet, you’ll draw the same conclusion that I came to today–riding across the length of France in a exquisitely caffeinated state with people you come to love for a worthy cause is…amazing.

Behold the BEST COFFEE STOP ON PLANET EARTH. David Churchill
And I dedicate this post to my man Adam from Rapha Travel who’s one of the main leaders of this ride.

Not only has he cuarted a spectacular ride, he and the entire Rapha team–mechanics, massage therapists, logistics ninjas, and fellow ride guides culled from the ranks of pro cycling have made it all possible for a merry band of dreamers to try to make a difference for the planet and have fun while we do it.

And oh yeah, check back in tomorrow. We’re climbing Mont Ventoux. Should be as fresh as our coffee.

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