Gunboat 66 carbon catamaran

Some boat builders are responding to these unsettling economic times by launching smaller, more affordable boats, but the folks at Gunboat are charging full steam ahead. Maybe that’s because these guys are one of only a few companies that build all carbon cruising cats and the only ones with fully enclosed bridge deck saloons—and crazy speed potential. The new Gunboat 66 is a big, bad speed machine that has the sail area, light stiff hulls, and the waterline length that makes “cruising” at 30 knots a possibility. There’s lots of 60-80 foot cruising cats out there, but none are designed and built for speed quite like the Gunboats.

Let’s think about this for a minute–30 knots. Now nobody “cruises” at 30 knots, but how about 20 without having to work to hard, or be too scared, all while being well looked after in a large comfortable accommodations plan. I’ve seen video of another Gunboat blasting past a maxi (monohull) that puts these two hulled carbon speed machines in perspective. (I’m hunting that video down and will post it as soon as I can.) The Gunbboat passed the maxi like it was standing still. These boats redefine “cruising”.

And as you can see, these big cats have all the interior space you’ll find on more conventional (and clunky) cruising cats. Just don’t expect to spend lazy afternoons catching rays on trampolines between the bows. These boats will scream even in light air, and the spray coming off the bows will be as strong as a fire hose.

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  1. says: Timbo

    Peter Johnstone deserves a Congressional Medal of Honour for creating this brand in South Africa and paying his taxes in Rhode Island. Its the marine equivalent of the Space Shuttle, real state of the art. 20 knots, all day and all night? That’s 500 miles a day. Are you kidding or what? A thousand miles in two days, a week to ten days crossing the Atlantic in comfort! Depending on wind obviously, but Hey, like my monohull averages 7 to 8 knots on a good day. Gotta rush out and buy that Lottery ticket now. Thanks for helping some of us keep the dream alive.

  2. says: Kelvin

    I’d much prefer a catamaran over a monohaul and a sailing vessel over a motor yacth. Speed is your friend. Quiet and luxurious are close seconds all part of the Gunboat brand.

  3. says: Anonymous

    I saw the video on the Gunboat site and immediately fell in love with their concept – a very light, fast and comfortable boat that is fun to sail. However, light and comfortable don’t usually go together in boats, so the solution was to use advanced (and hence expensive) materials and techniques in boat building. How much does a Gunboat cost (the 48 and the 66)? Are there other options with similar performance at a lower cost?