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Bill Springer
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Belmont, MA 02478
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  1. says: Carly Hysell

    Hi Bill,

    We work with a number of contributors at Forbes, but none that really focus on the marine industry. I saw you that recently covered the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and wanted to introduce myself in hopes of telling you about some of the new products from Garmin, which we debuted at last week’s boat show. A lot of people know us for wearables and handhelds, but we are a big player in the marine market and actually just reported a 54% increase in marine revenue for Q3 last week as well. We have products for boats of all sizes — saltwater and freshwater — and one of the newest devices we just introduced is a castable sonar. With the rise of boaters and anglers this year because of the pandemic, I’m really excited about this product because I think it’s great for people who are just getting into the sport — plus at $179, it makes a great gift for the holidays! Looking forward to connecting.

  2. Hi Bill,

    My name is Natalya and I am a PR specialist at Hill Robinson. We have 85 m Motor Yacht BOLD( more info: in our charter fleet. The expedition yacht has started its WORLD tour 2020-2022 with the below schedule. I would be happy to share more info with you-for your consideration. This is a very cool yacht, in amazing condition, 2019 build, 5th SilverYachts, won Boat International awards.

    I tried to connect on LinkedIn with you as well.
    I hope to hear back from you,
    Natalya McFadyen

    • October – November 2020: Greece, Dubai (Boat show)
    • December 2020 – January 2021: Maldives, Thailand, Singapore
    • February – March 2021: Australia, Shark Bay, Ningaloo Reef, Kimberley, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast, Gold Cost
    • March – May 2021: Americas Cup Auckland, New Zealand
    • June – October 2021: South Pacific, Papua New Guinea
    • December 2021 – January 2022: Chile, Argentina, Antarctica (special promotion for Solar Eclipse)
    • February – April 2022: Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas
    • June – July 2022: Scandinavia
    • August 2022: Mediterranean