Mission to Monaco: Episode 1

What does a humble luxury travel writer do after being locked down for one of the craziest years anyone can recall? What does anyone do after being locked down for a year? I honestly don’t know. So, instead of trying to make sense of all the change, and suffering, and isolation, and loneliness, and yearning for adventure and each other, and insight, and gratitude that this last year has both inflicted upon us and helped us to realize. I’m just gonna go… “Full Glam”… “Full Rockstar”… Full “Grab-Life-By-The-Lappels-And-Howl-At-The-Moon-In-A-Luxury-Destination” because we all need a little diversion from the suffering of last year, and a reminder that life can be…fun, right?!

I’m very grateful for the ability to go Full Glam from time to time as part of my crazy job. And I’m grateful that my amazing friends in the lead photo (who have amazing boyfriends/husbands) agreed to ham it up for the camera with me the last time I went “Full Glam” in Monaco because it was…fun!And that’s why I want to write about my first trip back (to report on the yachts, glamor, luxury, celebrity, royalty and spine-tingling speed at the Monaco Grand Prix) after lockdown a bit differently than I have in the past. So, I’ll be doing my regular stories for my Forbes column and other pubs.But I also want to share the love here because…I honestly want to share the love. I want to share what it feels like to hear the engines, and to see star drivers up close in the paddock, and hopefully get behind the velvet rope and show what being on the inside of an event like this is because…being able to sharing it with you all is more important too me than just being able to be there.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m psyched to be able to experience one the most exclusive events on the planet for myself! And I love Monaco. And I’m I total F1 fanboy. And I can’t wait to jump into the rooftop pool at my beloved Fairmont Monte Carlo. But, knowing that I might be able to brighten someone’s day by sharing all the amazing access I may have to such an iconic–and lets just say it…glamerous…event makes it all make a bit more sense to me. If that makes any sense.

And since the travel ban from the US to France is still in effect, there’s no guarantee they will even let me into the Principality!

But I do have a plan. And you’ll just have to check back here to see how it all works out.

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