Thank You SJ : London to Monaco Day 8

Have you noticed I havent posted anything since my buddy Becks hit the floor? Or have you noticed that cheeky Britishisms (like calling the ground the “floor”) have percolated into my prose (and my soul)? Or, how about the socks? Have you noticed that the wealth of sock talent on this bike-boogie across France to raise money for the Blue Marine Foundation?

Well, don’t worry is you haven’t. It’s pretty hard to keep up with all the twists and turns riding bikes across France with people you love for a worthy cause.

Here’s a few updates.

  • Becks is cut up pretty bad but she’s ok in spite of being kissed by two bearded riders who were overjoyed and relieved to see her at the start of Day 8 in Sisteron.
Same style. Different sizes.
  • Sock game, and the general brother-love I have for all 6-feet, 5-inches of Adam Wolley–ride guide extraordinaire, bad ass British pedal smasher, and sweet, smiling chap– is very, very strong

  • Cycling up punchy little cols with one very special person (SJ Skinner pictured in the center of this photo) who’s worked so hard to make London to Monaco these last two years so special and so (involuntarily insert plucky Britishism…”bloody”… successful raising well over £500,000 (which is like $750,000 in American) to help protect the oceans–is #thebombdotcom.

In fact, an entire post dedicated to Sara-Jane Skinner’s smile, spirit, dedication and #thebombdotcom-ness will only scratch the surface of the gratitude and respect I feel for SJ.

So I’m just going to say this: We all—anyone who’s ridden, or knows a rider, or has been inspired by a rider, or who aspires to wear pink socks with Cookie Monster Pumas, or who has kids, or who goes to the beach, or is worried about our oceans, or wants to make a difference but doesnt know where to start, or who lives on planet Earth—owe SJ our attention and admiration.

And, the easiest way to really make a difference is to make a donation to the Blue Marine Foundation now. Please just click on this link to donate whatever you can and tell them…SJ Skinner sent you. Because she has.

And please stay tuned. I’ve got cavalcade cheeky Britishisms to unleash in upcoming installments!

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