Bonjour France: 100 miles of awesome on day 2 of the London Monaco ride

Credit Tom Powell

Even after all the excitement yesterday’s start at the Tower of London, and the amazing romp through the English countryside, our arrival in France, today’s 100-hammer on French soil has proven to be even better. Maybe it’s because we are starting to settle in to each other and the task at hand.

Credit Tom Powell

Or maybe it’s because we broke into two smaller groups instead of the bigger celebratory group of the first day. Or maybe it was because we woke up in a pastoral chateau-esque hotel that was surrounded by lush green fields and “interesting” French sculptures.


Or maybe it’s simply because we’re in France where the roads seem to be smoother, the air smells a little bit sweeter, and the countryside that’s punctuated with little churches in the sleepy little villages, and playgrounds filled with laughing school kids seems to be a little bit softer.

Or maybe it’s because we’re a bunch of mad, lycra-clad cyclists who live for the opportunity to not only ride through the soft French countryside on our way to the yacht-mad world of Monaco, but to also help the Blue Marine Foundation raise money that could have a significant positive impact on the oceans for generations to come.


Or maybe, just maybe, I’ve found a group of cool people who like cool socks as much as I do.


The truth is it’s all of the above and more. And since we pushed the pace harder today than we did yesterday, and we have the longest stage of the ride waiting for us tomorrow (about 130 miles which is roughly the length of the famous Belmont to Provincetown ride), the La Fuga cycling tour company that’s already impressed the bib shorts off me with the level of professionalism of their  staff and pro guides, their on-site massage therapists that waiting to squeeze out the soreness of the ride when we arrived at our 2nd stop in St. Quentin were simply heavenly.


But Caroline, please don’t be mad at me! The messages are pretty painful, take place pretty much off the hotel lobby, and are not really like what you’re used to at a spa.

But they’re still pretty amazing too.

So please check out Blue Marine and stay tuned for the next chapter. And wait till we get closer to Monaco!

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  1. says: Susan McPherson

    Bill – love it all & your amazing recaps of 100 miles; really want to know if someone checked passports going into France. Photos are great. Keep it on…