SHOWTIME (Part 4): Gunboat

As you already know, the two badass-fast Gunboats that will be on display at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis starting on Thursday have already made an appearance at the Newport Boat Show in September.

And you smart people know that I’ve already done a preliminary report on this Fall’s Gunboat action, but, here’s the thing. That was just the preliminary-preview-to-post-test-sailboat-report(s). 
You see, I’ve hatched an “evil” plan to jump aboard the 55, and sail at speeds that I’m sure will be faster than I’ve ever sailed, cruise at speeds I’ve never cruised, and do a somewhat longish passage (with hopefully the blessing of the kind owner and the folks at Gunboat), so I can record every minute of the experience and then deliver a detailed multimedia extravaganza report for those special few who are thinking of stepping into the rarefied world of wicked, wicked fast world cruising, and just as importantly, all you—the mere mortals (like me)—who long to sail on something as unique and drag-racer fast and…comfortable as the Gunboat 55 is reported to be.
You’d tune in to read and watch a report like that, right?
Yeah, me too. 
As we’ve already discussed in part 1 of this “Showtime” series, now is a very good time to be in the market for a boat like this. 
So here’s some more “boat porn” from Gunboat to get you going before the show.
The open interior of the new Gunboat 55 is a very different approach than previous Gunboats.

But the badassness of the 55’s design (pictured above) is not new to Gunboat. Peter Johnstone and company have been doing badass pretty well now for a while, as you can see in the shots of the 60 pictured below.

Umm, can you say…these boats are unlike anything else out there?

In fact, another part of my “evil plan” is to do a longer profile on company founder Peter Johnstone, so watch this space for that too. Trust me, Peter is an interesting guy and if you don’t know his story, you’ll be amazed at what he’s done. And just so we’re all on the same page—spoiler alert—he’s related to the JBoats Johnstones but he’s not involved with the company.

So, let’s hear it. Who’s coming to Annapolis to check out the 55 and the 60?

And what’s even cooler is that they’re made in the USA.

And I haven’t even begun to talk about the G4 that’s in the works… Is this what the future looks like?

Be sure to check back later for the next installment of “Showtime.” And stay tuned for regular updates from the show on Twitter, on Facebook, and Instagram too.

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