SHOWTIME (Part 2): Morris Yachts

As you know, I’m excited to report that there is an exciting list of new and improved and exciting models that will be making a grand entrance at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis next week.
And as we discussed in part 1 of this “Showtime” series, now is a very good time to be in the market for a new boat. So here’s another sneak peek of a few more new models that I’m excited to see in Annapolis and hopefully test sail after the show. 
Being from New England means I’m genetically predisposed to go all starry-eyed over the fine Maine craftsmanship, and exquisite lines, and stunning sailing performance that have come to be synonymous with Morris Yachts. Well you know what, that’s exactly what happens.
We all know Maine-based Morris Yachts build some of the finest boats around, but what I’m really excited to see is that the company seems to be as rejuvenated as I am about both the joy of sailing as well as returning to its roots as the go-to American builder of fast, stylish, and awesomely seaworthy/ocean-crossing/world-girdling yachts. It’s great to see the company getting back in the serious offshore cruiser game with the launch of the new 48GT (pictured above).
 And what can you say about the new X-Types from Morris? I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want a boat with the drop-dead good looks of their wildly popular M series yachts that may look all gentlemanly but is, in fact, as fast as a Ferrari with carbon-fiber-fueled horsepower to burn.
The super-charged M29 X-Type with a carbon sprit, carbon rig, deep keel and many other go-fast features is pictured above. The cool thing is all the M Series boats are now available in the ultra-sexy speed version just like you can get with an AMG Mercedes Benz.
Be sure to check back later for the next installment of “Showtime.” And stay tuned for regular updates from the show on Twitter, and on Facebook, and Instagram too.
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