London to Monacooooooooooo! Part Deux

Credit David Churchill

Ohhhhhhh, it’s good to be back in the fair country of France under a warm sun with good people doing good things for the ocean and for us too. So with that in mind, I hear by dedicate this post to all the movers and shakers from Winch Design who were such a huge part of last year’s ride and are about to ignite¬†our happy band of Blue Marine Foundation riders with an infusion of #awesomesauce.

Credit David Churchill

But I gotta tell you, day one for us 6-day riders (day 5 for the mighty 10-day crew) has set the bar pretty high. And it’s pretty hard to be more awesome than our very own Dex.

And you’ll be happy to know that’ll here if we need him like I did on the last 10 K of today when my legs cramped as crampy as bone marrow-deep cramps can be. Voila le cramp! Normally, the space between my big toe and the others is not so wide or such a weird angle.

But I may be many things but whiner is really not one. And so let the rocking continue with all that is good with this ride that starts with the gold-standard of coffee from Climpson and Sons. Prepare to start every day with biblically good coffee.

And the sock bar is high.

And so is the apres velo chillin’ joke tellin’ and beer swillin’ in cool, old French village squares.

But one thing’s for sure. This photo from today’s lunch stop can not be unseen. Or topped! So pack your bikes and get over here. Mt Ventoux¬†awaits.

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