61 knots under sail

It’s Friday and a little speed diversion is in order. I’ve always been fascinated with the absolute pedal-to-the-metal drag racer L’Hydroptere (a modified foiler trimaran). She’s an old girl that’s been blasting around France for the last 10 years, but she’s definitely still got it. The boat hit 61 knots recently (and the immediately flipped over). Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t show the flip, but it dose give a good indication of what it’s like to go about 70 miles per hour under sail, on a 60 foot trimaran, that’s truly flying over rather than sailing on the water.

And this clip is just….. How’d you like to be out there 50 knots of wind and 30 foot seas on a lightweight surfboard/open 60 or open trimaran all by yourself? That’s what the Vendee Globe Racers are enduring now and the attrition rate has been high.

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