5-Star Resort Report: Guana Island BVI

With the prospect of icy winds, and ice dams, and the temperature topping out at a ridiculous, polar-vortex-induced 3 degrees above zero returning to the Northeast this winter, I can think of no better time to book our return to the subject of this 5-Star Resort Report than RIGHT NOW!

IMG_4015And I can think of no better 5-star resort to report on (and return to) than the 850 acres of private island awesome that is Guana Island in the BVI. We first found Guana almost by accident when we were looking for a place to stay after chartering with the good folks at Sunsail on Tortola. And Caroline and I have had the opportunity to stay on Guana several times since then. Needless to say, we’re counting the days until we go back.

IMG_3955We keep going back to Guana because we’ve had a hard time finding a place that’s as relaxing, and refreshing, and private, and low-key as this elegant oasis off the beaten track is.

IMG_3946It’s a special place that offers up seductive sunsets on each private veranda, impeccable service, cooling tropical breezes, miles of hiking through unspoiled terrain that’s never been developed, and just the right combination of socializing with the few fellow guests who are lucky enough to be there and the peace and solitude that’s increasingly becoming impossible to find in more highly trafficked Caribbean destinations.

One of the many things that makes the Guana stand out from other beach destinations is its orientation at the very peak of the hills that form the island. Impeccably restored “cottages” at the top of these hills provide wonderfully private accommodations with stunning views in virtually every direction.

IMG_4038Private villas are also available that boast movie-set scenery and movie-star privacy.

IMG_3967The north beach cottage has this stunning private dock and an uber secluded beach. But it’s not so secluded as to be out of reach of the Guana’s amazing service. Caroline had tea and I had coffee brought down to the beach by a very kind man in a golf cart! What more do you need really?

IMG_3978But wait, there’s more. The amazing thing about Guana is that it not only has 7 glorious beaches with sugar-fine sand, but it also has 850 acres of virtually uninhabited island to explore. Guana is all about gourmet meals, utterly rejuvenating beach lounging, and abundant walks through unspoiled tropical beauty. This is a shot of Caroline on her way over to the cute little “farm” on the island.

IMG_3991And this is one of the very special donkeys that lives there.

IMG_3977Not a sight you’d immediately associate with the Caribbean is it? That’s what makes this place so cool. It’s got it all…except for a disco and a casino. So…if you’re looking for nightlife that’s any faster than pleasant conversation with fellow guests after an early dinner, Guana is not the place for you.

IMG_4008But if you’re looking for something like this…

IMG_3949Or this…

IMG_3915Or this…

Guana is most definitely for you. And if you’re thinking of going anytime soon, shoot me an email. Maybe we can meet you there.

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