Can someone show me how to get back to the ocean, please?

Okay, this post goes out to all of you who’ve been hoping to get a daily dose of salt water serendipity from ol’uncle Swizzle, but have been turned away, heartbroken, by yet another post chronicling the adventures of a  smiling, spandex-clad American…swizzling on an expensive carbon fiber bike across France with 50 of his newest, bestest, spandex-clad friends.

And you know what? Re-watching the chrome and green version Phaedo³ skim across the Solent and the amazing G4 take to the air on its maiden flight is helping me too.

It’s strange to say, in spite of the fact that I just spent a bunch of days luxuriating amongst the superyacht set on the Cote d’Azur, I feel like I used to feel during the days of my misspent youth when I was landlocked in Boulder, Colorado.

Something in my body would tell me I’d been away from the ocean too long. I need salt water. And I need to get back to my beloved boats. And seaplanes too!

I’m hatching plans to do that just now, but in the meantime, here’s some video reminders of what’s to come. Like revisiting the crazy-ass 50-knot hydrofoils racing over the brown, smell-of-oil waters of St. Petersburg Russia.



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