When They Go Low, We Go South…Like Antarctica South

Credit EYOS Expeditions

I just bet that I’m not the only one that looks at the news, and some of small, fearful, dishonest, short-sighted, hyper-self-centered people making some very big decisions these days, who wishes to…simply escape.

Are you one of those people?

Credit EYOS Expeditions

Do you long to turn off the TV, and the Twitter, and all the crazy “comment wars” people are having with each other on social media that really don’t do anyone any good, and simply laugh, and dream, and wonder, and contemplate our amazing planet, and have a moment’s peace, and be reminded of all that is good in humanity and frankly, all that makes life worth living?

Well, I’m not sure if I can do all that, but, I am currently waiting to start about 24-hours of flying from home and hearth in New England down to a much more rugged place that just might provide some joy, and wonder, and peace, and inspiration, and natural beauty, and timelessness that I’m sure I’ll benefit from, and that I also sincerely hope I can help you benefit from too by sharing the adventure here…and probably on facebook and instagram too!

Credit EYOS Expeditions

So, I invite you all to come along on Swizzle’s Excellent Antarctic Adventure. I think we might all learn a thing or two.

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