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The new line of expedition yachts from Dutch shipbuilders Damen shows that there’s much more to some superyachts than meets the eye. In fact, since Damen’s designers and engineers are also highly experienced warship builders, their SeaXplorer design concept that ranges in size from 213 – 328 feet long will literally be able to go anywhere on earth because they will be built as tough as a warship.

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Credit SeaXplorer

“A number of experienced yachting clients approached us about adapting DAMEN’s professional vessels, so we knew from them that there were simply no globally capable luxury explorer yachts out there,” says Rob Luijendijk, AMELS Managing Director. “And that’s also what we heard from EYOS Expeditions who have decades of experience in bespoke luxury expeditions to the wildest places on the planet. So that’s why DAMEN began developing the SeaXplorer. The result is well beyond a pretty rendering. It’s a fully developed range – something only DAMEN could do.”

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But, just because it’s tough enough to break ice and operate in ice-coved waters year round (in fact it’s one of only a few yachts that are fully polar code compliant), it’s also designed to surround it’s owner, guests, and crew in luxury that would make any superyacht owner drool.

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Maybe the best feature on the boat is the observation lounge that’s built into the bow that’s equipped with large windows, skylights and some of the best climate controlled seats in the house.

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Credit SeaXplorer

The crows nest that’s poised over 80-feet above the water also provides spectacular views.

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Credit SeaXplorer

Like most superyachts SeaXplorer models are equipped with a full-on dive center, helipad, and storage for numerous boats, toys, motorcycles, ATV’s, canoes, kayaks, amphibious boats, and tenders.

They also have hot tubs, swimming pools, and tons of lounge space that can be heated with amazing gas fires.

And as you can see in the artist renderings pictured here, the interior of all the models will be simply, luxurious.

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Credit SeaXplorer

As the world’s ultra exclusive harbors continue to fill up with bigger, more opulent, and let’s just say it, more extreme yachts every year, I bet we’ll be seeing lots more yachts like these in the future.

Because even superyacht owners are going to want to “get away from it all” even if “it all” is simply other superyacht owners that travel the well-worn routes between the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

But what’s going to happen when Antarctica is as crowded as Saint Tropez?

My guess.


Pretty soon, billionares will be able to order a fully customized spaceship when they really need to get away.

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