How can this sexy superyacht also be environmentally friendly?

Hey, this is fun. Here’s a taste of the next ForbesLife piece:

“The 140-foot-long yacht Adastra was born from its owner’s simple desire to be able to explore the far reaches of the globe with his family on a yacht that was fast, seaworthy, comfortable, stunningly beautiful, self-sufficient, and most of all green.

“This means that while many superyachts are designed to pamper their owners and impress their guests with sheer fuel gobbling size that allows for private helicopter pads, personalized submarines, and amphibious vehicles that can be deployed from hangar-like garage spaces in their massive steel and aluminum hulls, one of the main objectives of Adastra was fuel economy.

“But thanks to the work of visionary yacht designer John Shuttleworth and his sons Sky and Orion, Adastra is not only fuel efficient, it’s also one of the most distinctive and drop-dead gorgeous superyachts in the world.”

Please groove on over to ForbesLife to read the rest of the story and to see the amazing photo gallery.


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