London to Monaco 2018: Last Day And Night!

For those who were lucky enough to be there, the last 110 kilometers of this year’s London to Monaco ride put a fitting exclamation point on the Blue Marine Foundation’s largest and most successful ride ever.

[Editors note: This report is also running on the Blue Marine Foundations site, and they still very much would appreciate any donations we can muster so…The ride may be over this year, but the need for donations goes on. And if you’re thinking about signing up for next year, do it now. Places are already filling up fast!]

As one of the lucky 7-day riders who experienced the all joy, headwinds, humor, hunger, and most of all, the meaningful community that formed on our week-long romp through 8 countries, the stiff TAILWIND we enjoyed all the way from our resort hotel in Loano, Italy to the Prince’s Palace in Monaco had a special meaning. Of course, we were all tired. But the 20-knot tailwind that was literally blowing us to the finish took the sting out of those last kilometers.

In fact, that blessed tailwind we enjoyed seemed to confirm that all the work the Blue Marine Foundation has poured into protecting the world’s oceans (and hosting huge events like the London to Monaco ride to help raise needed funds and awareness) is really paying off.

And of course, it was fun. The Northern Italian coastline was romantic, sun-kissed and spectacular in spite of the “passion” of the Italian drivers we encountered. Seven-day riders celebrated the bittersweet joy that comes at the end of a long adventure, while many one-day riders looked on and said “I’m going to ride the whole 7-days next year!” And we all marveled at the combination of expertise, hard work and community spirit that the large team from Just Pedal brought to the ride that quite simply could not have happened without them!

David Churchill

Now that most of us had never ridden longer or harder in a week (including 3 days were we covered 200 kilometers each day), the hills didn’t seem as hard, the descents didn’t seem as scary, and we all agreed that nothing leads to mental clarity and overall fitness better than riding 1,000 kilometers in 7 days!

But it was only when we came to the last coffee stop on the outskirts of San Remo, Italy, when things really got real. I know every single rider looked forward to the over-the-top-coffee stops put on by London’s Climpson and Son’s like 5-year-olds look forward to eating birthday cake. Not only was every aspect (taste, smell, caffeine jolt, and excuse to stop pedaling at kilometer 150!) of Climpson and Son’s coffee amazing, the consistent smiling encouragement we got from the hardworking Climpson’s team was as meaningful and powerful as our beloved tail wind!

Then before we knew it, our 100-rider-strong peloton was being led by a couple of tall boot-wearing, siren-sounding motorcycle policemen up to meet Prince Albert II at the Palace of Monaco. We all agreed our police motorcycle escort through one of Monaco’s tunnels that Formula 1 cars race through at close to 200 MPH during the Monaco Grand Prix made the end of the ride even more special. Then we crossed the finish line.

Champagne flowed. Speeches were made. And Blue Marine Foundation CEO Claire announced that just that very day, the English government had made the largest commitment to creating marine protected zones ever! Now that’s something we could all celebrate. And we did!

For the third year in a row, Monaco’s Icon Connect hosted the end-of-the-ride bash that let riders trade in their cycling kit for stylish evening wear and allowed everyone involved with this amazing event to celebrate well into the night!

His Serene Highness!

And if that wasn’t all, the Prince and many high profile sponsors also attended the annual Blue Marine Yacht Club party that was held this year at the Monaco Yacht Club.

The ride may be over this year, but the need for donations goes on. And if you’re thinking about signing up for next year, do it now. Places are already filling up fast!

Watch this space.

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