A Bunch Of “Stiffs” Push Phaedo³ up over 25-Knots in Preperation For The RORC Transatlantic Race

Credit Team Phaedo3

The only thing I can say about the crew of Lloyd Thornburg’s MOD 30 Phaedo³ after today’s ultra-high speed #mannequinchallenge during the lead up to the RORC Transatlantic Race is…“What a bunch of stiffs!” The boys reportedly hit an easy 26-knots durring the challenge and as you can see in this vid, some of the guys had a harder time of it than others.

The boys on the winch handles had it pretty easy while young Henry Bomby showed impressive strength and control holding on to the tail of a limp sheet on the starboard crossbeam. But we think Co-Skipper Brian Thompson really won the challenge since he not only kept the boat skimming along in the high 20’s, but looked good and “stiff” with one hand on the tiller and another hand coiled around a winch handle like a spring, while he did it.

And be sure to stay tuned and follow the fun as the competition heats up. The boys continue to put Phaedo³ through her paces in Lanzarote in preperation for the race start that kicks off this Saturday.

I’ve got a line on some cool onboard feed from the race so…stay tuned.

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