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Okay, I just love this photo that I shot at the Newport International Boat Show recently. Now, I admit, I’m kinda sweet on sailboats, and not as familiar with powerboats, but you gotta love the “deck shoes” I  encountered over on the powerboat side? And those were actually pretty tame compared to some of the other “dock walkers” I found perusing the powerboats. 
My favorite was a lovely lady who’d obviously had some, um, augmentation done, and who was sporting some wicked tight pants, and a wicked tight tank top to sufficiently display said augments, and best of all, was rocking some stilettos that’s make Lady Gaga swoon. 
Now, I’m not sure how I got on this tangent, and I’m really not that into Lady Gaga’s foot fashion, but, I just really appreciated the fact that a nice lady with significant augments and dagger sharp platform stilettos (even the front part of the shoes were raised up about 3 inches) was rocking and rolling at the powerboat show.  Maybe the fact that I’ve been away from boat shows for about 2 years has allowed me to get sufficient perspective and see the “magic” of it all.
Anyhoo, I’ve always thought that spandex clad Go-Go dancers would sufficiently spice up a boat show and it turns out I’ve simply been going to the wrong shows! And while the footwear wasn’t nearly as cool, and the tight pants/augmentation ratio was way down, and all the usual suspects were flaunting their wares over on the sailboat side, there was some stuff that actually qualifies as NEW! like the weapon pictured below. 
It’s the Motive 25R and the brainchild of three pretty turned on guys: Company CEO and Design Director Pete Ansel is an avid sailor, cyclist, motorcycle racer, and industrial designer who’s passionate about transportation design. Meanwhile the design team is made up of co-leaders Carl Persak and Jeremy Wurmfeld. Their firm–Persak and Wurmfeld Naval Architecture–is largest of its kind in New York City, and together they bring a wealth of design, naval architecture and hands-on sailing experience to the project. And as you can see by the video below, this 3-hulled drag racer ain’t no slouch when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal. I hope to get an up close and personal test done soon, but in the meantime, click here for more info. 

And be sure to stay tuned. I’ve realized I can do anything I want with this blog, an I intend to do just that. My goal is to consistently deliver boat stuff that’s useful and informative but most of all FUN! And I want to hear from you. Let me know what you want to know and I’ll do everything I can to serve it up.

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