Archambault 35 and 40

As hard as I work to make sure I know about all the newcomers at the boat shows, there are always a couple of surprises. That was the case when I saw the A35 and A40rc making their U.S. debut at the Annapolis show last fall. These high-performance lightweights from French builder Archambault have been tearing up racecourses all over Europe and the Caribbean. Along with the King 40, Santa Cruz 37, and the Andrews 28, they make up a new wave of mid-sized, high-performance keelboats. One thing that caught my eye with both Archambault boats was their simplicity. They have all the go-fast features you want on a high-performance boat — lightweight construction, carbon rig, narrow-chord keel with a deep bulb — but also have a clean, no-nonsense deck layout, a super-spacious cockpit, and a decent interior. They are designed to be raced under the IRC rule, but could double as super-fast cruising boats. www.archambault-boats.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    It was only this month that I realized you weren’t at Sail Magazine. I’m a fan of your work and I’m truly sorry it didn’t work out. When you begin your next project, please post it on your blog so that ‘your fans’ can follow you.

    All the best.

  2. says: Anonymous

    Hi there. First of all, the word is spelled “rumor” and second- it ain’t (a rumor). I’m the guy who’s been trying since late January to get an A35 to the SF Bay, and believe me- it’s been nothing but trial and tribulation. It’s a used boat (“Garance Peinture”) and I have to tell you: trying to buy a used French boat is an undertaking I would not recommend for the feint-hearted. But because I’m madly in love with the design, and agree it is PERFECT for the bay and for the Pac Cup, I am staying the course. At this time, if all works out, it’ll be in SF sometime in mid-June. Wish me luck!

  3. says: Anonymous

    Roomer has it that the first Archambault A35 is coming to US West Coast. We hear that one is coming to San Francisco Bay. What a perfect boat for the Bay. The boat deal is still in the works but it could be the start of an entire new fleet on the Bay. Wait until all the locals get load of this yacht. Can’t wait to see it live!