10 Father’s Day Gifts Lots of Guys (Not Just Dads) Really Want

As you Swizzle loyalists know, I’m a dad. I’m also in my mid-40s and our little guy is just turning three, so, I guess you can say I’m an “older dad.” But just because I’m an “older dad” doesn’t mean I’m boring. Or at least I hope it doesn’t mean that! In fact, I’m finding that having fun and going on all sorts of adventures (and yes, even taking a shot at being a bit stylish from time to time) is more important than ever. And I know there are lots of guys like me that don’t really need another tie (or any ties for that matter) or an oversized, stainless steel gas grill for Father’s Day. With that in mind, I’ve pulled together a Father’s Day gift wish list that ranges from all sorts of stylish stuff that anyone can afford, to much more exotic items that lots of guys (not just dads) would kill just to get a ride on. Screen-Shot-2015-06-16-at-2.05.13-AM So, if you’re still struggling to find a Father’s Day gift, you won’t go wrong with anything on this list (in order of price). And please head on over to forbes.com for all the luxury gift ideas (like a Panerai watch or a G4!). It’s fun, and you’ll see I admit to wearing “mom jeans” and being a MAMIL among other embarassing things too.

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