When the going gets tough, the tough go to Bermuda

This upcoming press trip to Bermuda couldn’t have been better timed. And I couldn’t be more grateful to be invited to escape the gray Northeast and experience and write about all the outdoor awesome that Bermuda has to offer because… I’ve just navigated the magic that happens when the little one comes down with an extended fever flu (and is unable to go to daycare)…the better half has been trapped in conference rooms on long work trips in California… and I’ve just spent many, many, head-spinning hours lugging the boxes-upon-boxes of multi-generational “stuff” out of our basement and attic (don’t ask!).

And the cool thing is, unlike my last sailing trip to Bermuda in November, it’ll only take a few short hours to fly there.

And I’ll be sailing on a much quicker boat (as the “9th man/observer) in a race during the opening regatta of the 2016 RC44 Championship Tour that’s happening this weekend.

But that’s only a small part of the itinerary. I’m also signed up to not only tour the ORACLE TEAM USA base, but also work out with the team’s trainer.

Credit ORACLE TEAM USA I’ll be enjoying the view from a room at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club (pictured below) that happens to also be the official hotel of the 35th America’s Cup that takes place in 2017 in…Bermuda.


And maybe, just maybe, after all that, I might get a chance to recover from all the “work” with a full-on sports massage at the Willow Stream Spa.


So stay tuned. This is just part of the itinerary. I plan on being be a full-on expert on all the active awesome Bermuda has to offer after this trip. And sharing the insider info (and the love) on social media too.




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