Um…..Spoiler Alert?!

Okay. I’m not into muscle cars, but you gotta admit there is some resemblance to the arch on the Beneteau Oceanis 55 on offer at the Newport Boat Show, to the badass spoiler on this orange hunk of Detroit muscle from 1970, no?

I mean, it’s not every day when you can compare a brand-new, 2013 model sailboat with a 70’s era muscle car, right? Check it out. 
Now, of course, this is an option that every buyer is probably not going to opt for, but still it does make a statement.
The cockpit and fold-down transom is huge and I’m sure way comfortable in a sunny Caribbean anchorage. And I have to admit that the arch does stir something inside me. Maybe it’s fond memories of childhood when I had a collection of matchbox cars that had mega-spoilers on the back?
So what do you all think? Spoiler or no spoiler on your next boat? Let the comment cavalcade begin!
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