The Tahiti Touch

There may be no better introduction to the seductive power of French Polynesia than to begin at The Brando on the Tahtian atoll of Teitaroa.

And while these photos do somewhat capture some of the mesmerizing colors at this wonderfully exclusive resort that I’ve been invited to write about.

I still need words to describe the peace, solitude, privacy and the soothing soul of the place. Of course, you might imagine that anyplace that has its own private plane to whisk lucky VIP’s away to a remote atoll off the much more populated Island of Tahiti would be peaceful and oh so luxe. But what really captivated me about the Brando was the soul of the place. The place, and the people have soul.

Not only that. But my villa was so private, and so comfortable and so perfect I pretty much didn’t wear any clothes when I was there. I was in the water every few hours but…my bathing suit never got wet!

A bathing suit┬áseemed superfluous as I embraced the almost primal connection to the ocean and the sand (and yes, to the amazing architecture, perfect pool, decadent air conditions, and the most amazing bathroom I’ve ever seen in the more remote resorts I’ve been. Voila le bathroom!

Stay tuned. There’s much more to come. We’ll be sailing on a 50 foot catamaran from Tahiti to Bora Bora (stopping at most of the islands in between) ┬áto follow the inagural edition of the Grand Prix Pacifique Des Jeux trimaran race (from Tahiti to Bora in Diam 24’s) next!

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