Save the date for the most Off The Hook 50th Birthday party in the History of Preppietown

I’m not sure if I could be any more clear or descriptive than the title here. But, the plan is to celebrate my making it to such a magnificent milestone and being able to drive sexy Aston Martin powerboats off Monaco while wearing my tuxedo (photo above) in spite of the fact that I used to look and act like this (photo below)….

In fact, this photo is so rich with history I don’t know where to begin. The white car in the background is the car by buddy Narian (pictured in green paint-splattered t-shirt) is “The Monzie.” We (he) bought it in the Nevada desert for $230 because we totalled his car en route to Yosemite, and we needed a car to get our large red cooler (pictured in the back of the “The Monzie” that required up to tie the hatchback down with laundry cord) to the magic valley in the west coast.

You’ll also notice a bald tire is tied to the roof. That was also required incase we got a flat tire and we tied it to the roof to make room for the enormous red cooler. You’ll also notice that this fully loaded beauty of a used car purchased at the only gas station in the middle of the Utah salt flats came without a gas cap and we never felt the need to replace it.

Also, we had to park on a hill because the battery was dead. Our “Jamaician bobsled team” starts really got the blood flowing!

I share this with you all just so you get an idea of how momentous (and in a way, unlikely) this upcoming birthday is, and just how much I want to share the joy with all of you that my life is now filled with this…

And this

And this

I mean it! Please save the weekend of July 28-29. And if you are reading this, and can make it to my beloved Cape Cod, you’re invited to The Most Off The Hook 50th Birthday Party In The History Of Preppietown.

And stay tuned for more details.

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