Chillin’ like Richard Branson in the BVI (sort of)

With neighboring islands owned by Sir Richard Branson, the fun-loving founder of the Virgin Group (Necker), and Google co-founder Larry Page (Eustatia), it would be a bit of an understatement to say that Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands provides prime beach-front real estate. But thanks the luxurious resorts on Virgin Gorda’s North Sound, you don’t necessarily have to be a billionaire (though of course that never hurts) to get a real taste of the best that the British Virgin Islands have to offer.

Downwind to paradise.
Downwind to paradise.

In fact, now that I’ve spent some time at the Bitter End Yacht Club after sailing a brand new Jeanneau 64 to Virgin Gorda from St. Martin, and then flying direct from North Sound to the airport on St Thomas via seaplaneseveral days later, I can say that vacationing in the Caribbean like a billionaire (even if it’s just for a short time) was easier than I thought. So, here’s how to do it.

Poolside, baby.
Poolside, baby.

First, book a reservation at the BEYC (or Mango Bay, or Leverick Bay, or Oil Nut Bay, or Saba Rock, or Rosewood Little Dix Bay–quickly–Little Dix will be closed for renovations from this May until late Fall 2017) then get to Virgin Gorda.

Flying out on a seaplane with this famous Amrica's Cup guy takes the sting out of leaving the BVI (kinda).
Flying out on a seaplane with this famous Amrica’s Cup guy takes the sting out of leaving the BVI (kinda).

It’s hard to beat sailing there but…flying in a private helicopter (that brings passengers direct to BEYC’s own helipad) or via sea plane that lands on the North Sound from St Thomas or San Juan…is way faster, and I’ll admit, even cooler than sailing there.

Read on, my friends.

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