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Ok, so, I’m a dad. And I love my cute little family. But I still like to ride expensive bikes and sail fast boats with my buddies hundreds of uncomfortable miles at a time, and travel to far-off places with just a backpack, and yes, even wear “disco pants” (pictured above) in ways that my wife still shakes her head at.

And while I’ve never been accused of being “fashionable,” I have come to appreciate the finer things in life one bumps into as a yachting journalist. I’ve also been lucky enough to spend umpteen hours on the perfectly imperfect beaches of my beloved Cape Cod, and that immersion in the Cape’s special brand of “preppieness” has rubbed off on me in weird and wonderful ways. In fact, a certain “preppie bias” may have actually seeped into my annual Forbes Father’s Day Gift Guide!

But the truth is, none of that really matters. Just do yourself a favor and get that special dad in your life (or guy for that matter) any one of the gifts on this list. You’ll expose them up to a eclectically fashionable world of high quality products and experiences that all guys (not just Dad’s) will absolutely love.

Disco Pants by Betabrand

The photo pretty much sums it up, right? And while all dads may not know they want a pair of disco pants, they’ll understand when they actually put them on. I mean who wouldn’t want the attention rocking pants like this will garner? I know I would.

Price: $100

Sailing and Trail Running Trip in Iceland


As a gift for an adventurous and athletic dad, it’s pretty much impossible to top ThuleTrails Trail Running and Sailboat Trip through the fjords and pristine beauty of Iceland’s Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. There are no roads in that part of Iceland up near the Arctic Circle. In fact, the area is virtually inaccessible—except by boat—that brings trail runners up a series of fjords and allows them to run between 6 and 18 miles between the fjords and through some of the most stunning landscape there is. And, oh yeah, the sun doesn’t really set.

Price: $690 per person

Vineyard Vines Digital Camo Board Shorts


I admitted to the pseudo preppieness, right? Well, these “digital camo” board shorts from Vineyard Vines, (one of the preeminent purveyors of preppieness) are both “edgy” and “preppie.” And yes, anyone sporting these trunks will fit right in on beaches from Maine to Amagansett and beyond.

Price $89.50

Oakley Custom Sunglasses


Most sunglasses, even super cheap sunglasses, can be cool. But if you really want to do the dad on your list a solid, get him a pair of custom shades from Oakley. You can design exactly what he’ll look great wearing. And, um, hint, hint, unwrapping the custom Turbine model with the polished white frame and polarized lenses pictured here would make my Fathers Day.

Price: $210

Royal Blue Ferragamo Tassel Loafers


Is there anything more timeless, elegant, or sophisticated (or dare-I-say preppie?) than a pair of finely crafted, seriously supple, Italian-made tassel loafers? Maybe not. The question is: Could there be a better gift for a dad who appreciates Italian style than a pair of royal blue tassel loafers from Ferragamo? Um, no.

Price $1,048 (approximately)

Ice Cream Blazer from Paul Smith


What do you get when you combine contemporary elegance with gastronomical awesomeness? Maybe the best gift you can get a Dad who appreciates a finely tailored blazer and…ice cream. The cotton-twill “Ice Cream Blazer” from the uproariously English Paul Smith will bring a smile to everyone’s face on Fathers Day.

Price: $797 (approximately)

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