24-Hours of Luxury At the St. Regis Hotel In Florence With a 1-Year-Old

As I learned while travelling in Tuscany with my wife and our cute, and oh-so-bald one-year old, a luxuriously stimulating and restorative visit to Florence with an infant is easy—wink, wink. All we needed to do was check in to the St. Regis Hotel in the heart of Florence and let nature—the hotel staff’s quintessentially Italian love of children combined with their innate ability to make their guests feel like “family”—run its course.

In fact, my wife and I breathed a welcome sigh of relief as soon as we felt the “whoosh” of air conditioning in the lobby because, after a morning spent filling our rental car with more baby paraphernalia than humanly possible, then enjoying the wonders of Pisa’s famous tower in the searing heat of a Tuscan summer, we probably needed the respite of a fine hotel more than our little son Sam did.

Groove on over to ForbesLife to see how it all turns out!

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